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In 1982, the Garfield Board of County Commissioners approved the organization of the Battlement Mesa Water and Sanitation District for the provision of water and sanitary services to the community. The regional water and sewer treatment plants were owned and operated as a private utility by Battlement Mesa, Inc. (an Exxon company).
In 1987, the Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District was organized as the central service-providing entity for the Battlement Mesa P.U.D. in order to properly manage the provision of essential services to the community. These services comprised regional water and sewer treatment plants operation and the Activity Center recreational services under the control and regulation of a quasi-municipal entity with fiduciary responsibilities.
The Activity Center, which was built by Exxon, was opened on June 1, 1983. The swimming pool complex was not completed until 1988. The initial management of the Center was performed jointly by Parachute/Battlement Mesa Parks & Recreation District and Exxon. Subsequently, Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District replaced Exxon as part of the management team. In 1994, P/BMPRD ceased to be involved with the management of the Center. On January 1, 2016 ownership of the Recreation Center was transferred to the BP/MPRD.
The original plan for water and sewer services was to create additional districts within the P.U.D. as additional development warranted. These districts would obtain central wholesale utility services from the Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District.
The first of these planned additional districts was the Saddleback Metropolitan District. This District was organized in 1988 to provide localized water, sewer and other municipal services to certain multi-family residential properties within Battlement Mesa.
After functioning as separate districts for a few years, it was decided that it would be more efficient and cost effective to combine the Battlement Mesa Water and Sanitation District and the Saddleback Metropolitan District. The surviving combined entity was the Consolidated Metropolitan District (CMD). This consolidation of the two Districts took place in 1991.
The Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District (BMMD) continued to operate the water and sewer plants and to manage the Activity Center. Water and sewer services were provided on a wholesale basis to the Consolidated Metropolitan District.
In the year 2000, the Activity Center was sold by BMMD to CMD for $395,228.
In 2006, BMMD and CMD were merged into one District. The surviving entity was CMD, which now owned and operated the entire water and sewer facilities plus the Activity Center.
Because of the relative anonymity of the name CMD, the District changed its name on January 1, 2010 to Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District. Now, people know exactly which community is represented by the Special District.
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