Water TreatmentOperations
River Intake

This station pumps water from the Colorado River to our Raw Water Reservoir. It is capable of pumping 9,000,000 gallons per day.

Raw Water Reservoir

The reservoir stores the untreated water and allows silt and mud to settle out before the water is treated. It holds approximately 13,000,000 gallons. It allows us to shut off the river pumps, if there is a spill in the Colorado, and to continue to treat water to supply to customers.

Chemical Treatment Building

All of our pre-treatment and post-treatment chemicals are stored here. It is also the place where the pre-treatment chemicals are fed into the water.

      Chemicals used:
      1. Copper Sulfate. Used to control algae in the Raw Water Reservoir. Fed at 0.5 parts per million.
      2. Aluminum Silfate. It is used to coagulate particulates in the water and allow them to settle out. Fed at 30 to 40 parts per million.
      3. Nalco 8108 Plus polymer. Helps with flocculation and sedimentation of the raw water. Fed at 1 to 2 parts per million.
      4. Powdered Activated Carbon. Used primarily for taste and odor control. Fed at 10 parts per million.
      5. Chlorine Gas. Used to disinfect the finished drinking water. Fed at 1 to 1.5 parts per million.


These units are where the chemicals are allowed to do their job of settling particulate matter out of the water. Here the Aluminum Sulfate, Polymer and Activated Carbon are removed from the process and the clear water goes to the Filter Building.

Filter Building

Our plant uses Multi-Media Filters to remove any particulates that do not settle out in the clarifiers. These filters use gravity to pull the water through the media. The media consists of Under Drain Tiles at the bottom, then a layer of gravel, a layer of garnet (a coarse sand), a layer of finer sand and the a thick layer of anthracite (crushed coal).

When the filters are clogged with particulate matter, they are backwashed with treated water to remove the filtered material and then put back into production.


This collects the filtered water to be pumped into the distribution system. The chlorine gas is added into the clearwell for disinfection.
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